Running Int’ Fells – the history of fell running in the Lake District, an awe-inspiring new exhibition at The Armitt

The Armitt: Museum, Gallery, Library in Ambleside will reopen on Wednesday 14th February 2024 with a brand-new exhibition, “Running Int’ Fells”, showcasing the history, spirit, enjoyment and sheer guts demanded by running in the Cumbrian fells.

The Armitt will present a new display exploring the origins and enduring popularity of fell running, from the rudimentary beginnings of Grasmere Sports to the slick, ultra and trail running events of today. It will be the first and only exhibition dedicated solely to fell running to be displayed in the sport’s original and spiritual home of Cumbria.

Faye Morrissey, The Armitt’s Manager & Curator, said: “It has been a pleasure to plan and deliver this exhibition over the last 12-16 months. We’ve worked closely with a team of expert volunteers led by Peter Todhunter. They are not only passionate about the sport, with an in-depth knowledge of the history and present-day trends, but have access to a wealth of material from groups and individuals which will be used to tell stories and spotlight legendary feats and magical runners. We hope that many people, fell runners or not, will visit the museum to learn more and be inspired.”

Peter Todhunter, community lead of the Running Int’ Fells volunteer group said: “The aim of the exhibition is not only to educate visitors about fell running but also to captivate them. By showcasing the history and evolution of fell running, visitors will hopefully gain a deeper appreciation for this sport and, who knows, they might even be motivated to put on a pair of trainers and experience the beauty of the fells first hand.”

As well as the exhibition, there will be family activities and interactives in the galleries and a themed programme of events linked to fell running taking place throughout the year.

“Running Int’ Fells” will be on until the end of December 2024. Supporters for the exhibition are The Climbers Shop, Kong Running, Ultra, Voom Nutrition and Museum Development North West.

ell running in the Lake District, an awe-inspiring new exhibition at The Armitt

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